vineri, 8 iulie 2011


Hello :) It's first time for us to meet
We are proudly to bring to you - A DESIGN SCHOOL :) The ideea is originally and we hope we'll succeed.
First , we have something to tell you : Botswana doesn't come from the name of that country. It cames from botsy (bots) and oana (wana) . Togheter they are gorgeous :) BOTSWANA.
Now about the school.
You will have to buy a panel from Botsy_pink's bazar or oanabianca7's with 10 stardollars (if you are superstar) or 100 starcoins if you're not.
The lessons will start when we will have minimum 10 contestants (if you wanna join , you have to send an email to botsy_pink@hotmail with :
Your stardoll username
and your age)
There will be 3 important steps :
2.Medium level images
3.Hard images/faces
If you can't understand one of the lessons , of course you will receive support if you send me an e-mail.
There will be contests too , with stardollars/starcoins prizes.
So , hope you like it.
Oana ♥

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